Scope invests in Nordic growth opportunities; partnering with organizations with a proven value added and a differentiated value proposition to create sustainable, growing companies. 

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The investment focus is rooted in a thorough understanding of the requirements for value creation in a global marketplace.

Applying an ‘arts and crafts’ approach to active ownership, Scope strives to combine excellence in execution with experience gained from fostering processes for creativity and innovation. Through bespoke ownership strategies for each portfolio company we seek to establish internationally scalable companies with innovative business models, and generate relevant and sustainable added value for customers. 

Scope invests between EUR 4–15 million in each portfolio company. 

Total transaction values range between EUR 4-30 million, since capital available for investment is extended through leverage and co-investments with partners or investors in the funds.

As an active partner, Scope works together with management driving the transition from the entrepreneurial phase to create an institutionalized platform for sustainable growth.

Scope contributes experience from building growth companies in a variety of industries; providing strategic direction, internationalization, building appropriate governance structures, and recruiting talented executives. 

Scope's ownership typically spans a time horizon of four to seven years and three overlapping stages; Creating the Platform, Scaling Profitably and Realization of Value. Each stage with defined activities and milestones achievements.

Scope has a structured and disciplined approach to evaluating investment opportunities, the decision-making process and the active value creation and realization.

Leading up to an investment decision, Scope's evaluation process is carried out in three stages with defined activities: Screening, Evaluation and Due Diligence. 

Scope seeks to build companies that meet identified customer needs with a sustainable competitive advantage. We believe that the long term commercial performance of the company is linked to its ability to integrate the concept of sustainability in the company culture. We strive to make things better. In Scope’s model we integrate sustainability in the entire investment cycle, from the due diligence phase, through the active ownership phase and preparations for exit. We apply this approach to relationships with all of the companies’ stakeholders: owners, employees, customers, suppliers and the environment.

Scope has developed a toolkit covering the initial due diligence phase throughout the active ownership phase, to identify, assess and manage risks as well as opportunities for the company. The sustainability matrix covers industry, company and environmentally related risks and focuses on sustainability aspects to be addressed in relation to company and strategic risk.   

We believe that remaining true to our core values in these efforts, being: authentic, creative and responsible will contribute to the high performance and longterm value creation and hence lead to the fulfilment of our vision “Better companies”.

The ownership strucure of the Funds Scope Growth II and Scope Growth III is set up as a standard UK Jersey-based fund, with Scope Capital Advisory AB and Scope Capital Advisory SA as advisory companies.

Scope is a member of the Swedish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (SVCA) and applies the norms of the SVCA´s Code of Conduct and is thereby subject to supervision by the SVCA Supervisory Board. For a more detailed description of a standard fund structure and SVCA´s Supervisory Board please read the website of Swedish Venture Capital Association.